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Laure Stevens-Lubin    


          Human / Nature 


Human / Nature  is a series of meditations on the enigma of the human place in the world: the ambivalence of our inescapable interconnectedness fraught with our yearning for autonomy.  It navigates the interstices between science and spirituality, self and society. Technology has allowed us to see far into space, back to the universe’s beginnings, and deep into ourselves, to the DNA that maps our being.  How does this extended knowledge inform the myths we make today?  How does it cause us to re-envision our world?

I juxtapose separate panels to create poetic interactions, signaling both fragmentation (of the self and its environment) as well as interconnection. The fiery base of the palette reflects the web of energy that creates and enfolds us, that sparks the storms on our planet and the electrical storms in our brains.  The dark oil that floats on top suggests matter, the meat of which we are composed, and which decomposes.  

My intent is to reconfigure and reframe a cluster of mythemes so that they evoke the unstable dichotomy of 'human' and 'nature', and suggest how scientific narratives can converse fluently with the mythological, giving rise to new ways of knowing.

Anatomy of Flight  
Natural History  




Leap of Faith  



Portrait of the Artist as Aggregates  
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