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Laure Stevens-Lubin    




Technology, biology.  Climate change, habitat fragmentation. Figure, ground. Where, and how, as a species do we fit on this planet? What has led us to this moment, and how do we move forward? We now live in the age of the anthopocene, during the sixth extinction, caused by our actions as a species, and as individuals. And yes, I admit my own culpability.  For me, as a this all comes down to the problem of “figure versus ground,” and my work often plays with the figure/ground conundrum. For me the question moves beyond the visual into the realm of the spiritual, into what Thich Nhat Hanh calls interbeing. When we understand that we are the monarch butterfly, our imminent future may begin to appear a bit less opaque.




Sacred River 


Anatomy of Flight  
Natural History  


Supposition with Corollaries  






Book Lovers  
Leap of Faith  



Portrait of the Artist as Aggregates  
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